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Taman Indie Restaurant, a Restaurant with Java and Bali Concept

The romantic and exotic atmosphere can be found in this place at night. There is the beautiful light installed at bale bale.

Taman Indie Restaurant, a Restaurant with Java and Bali Concept
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Taman Indie Restaurant 

SURYA.co.id | MALANG - There are lots of interesting destinations in Malang, East Java. One of them is Taman Indie at Jalan Lawang Sewu Golf 2 - 18 Malang.

When you get into this restaurant, your mind would be freshened by the cool atmosphere of this place. Moreover, if you have gone on a long trip.

The shady trees and clean garden will greet you at the Taman Indie entrance gate. The combination of Java traditional and Bali culture concept makes any first visitor feel comfortable.

The traditional element is shown by a Joglo (traditional Java house) building and bale bale (traditional Java wooden seat) with ijuk (fibers) roof around Taman Indie area.

The Bali element is shown by a lot of frangipani trees around this place. Taman Indie’s atmosphere is like rural environment because it lies nearby Kali Bango river.

The sound of Kali Bango’s flowing water becomes non-stop natural humming for the visitors.

Metta, one of Taman Indie visitors, said that she always came to this place first before any other destinations for its calm atmosphere. Moreover, this place was located far from the hustle and bustle of the town. Metta came from Surabaya to this place with her group.

“After going through a long trip from Surabaya and having lunch in this place (Taman Indie), I feel fresh again. The air is fresh and the atmosphere is peaceful,” she added.

It was the second time of her visit to Taman Indie.

“This is the right place to take a little rest before continuing the trip,” she told.

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