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Learn History of Blitar in Perkeboenan Kopi Karanganjar Blitar

The building was plantation office which built by Dutch people on 1876

Learn History of Blitar in Perkeboenan Kopi Karanganjar Blitar
SURYAOnline/Samsul Hadi
Visitors look around the former office and warehouse building which turned into museum, restaurant, and cafeteria in Perkeboenan Kopi Karanganjar, Blitar 

SURYA.co.id | BLITAR – Some of old building which become the glory evidence of Perkebunan Kopi Karanganjar have still been standing firmly until now. This Dutch coffee plantation heritage has been turned into natural and historical tourist spot in Blitar.

"The building was plantation office which built by Dutch people on 1876," Arin explained the beginning of Loji building history to the visitors.

There are three rooms in Loji, but only two rooms that shown to the visitors. The first room is a room that used to be occupied by Denny Roshadi, a local people who become gardener.

The other room which shown to the visitors is Bung Karno room. In the past, the room was become bedroom for Bung Karno when he came to the plantation. there are photo and some books written by Bung Karno.

"The bed is belongs to Bung Karno. This bed is the result of winning auction in Jakarta then he brought here," Arin said. Meanwhile another room is for administrator and not open to the public.

Loji is one of several buildings which became the interest in Perkeboenan Kopi Karanganjar. The place located in Modangan Village, Nglegok Sub-District, Blitar Regency is always crowded with tourist since officially opened for public in October 2016.

Moreover when weekend or long holiday come, this place always crowded with visitors. On weekend, the visitors can reach 1,500 people.

"For common day the entrance ticket is 5,000 rupiah per person and for holiday is 10,000 rupiah per person," said Marketing of Perkeboenan Kopi Karanganjar, Toni Lutfika (30).

Beside Loji, the visitors can also look the other old buildings in the plantation. The building which was become office and warehouse is turned into museum, restaurant, and cafeteria now.

There are three museum which are museum pusaka, museum purna bakti, and museum mBlitaran. Museum pusaka is the place for saving sacred items from the family of the plantation director which is also as the former of Blitar Regent, Herry Nugroho.

Meanwhile museum Purna Bakti is the place for saving photos and stuffs belong to Herry Nugroho when he had served as regent. This museum is given over to Henry Nugroho after not govern as Regent.

As well as museum mBlitaran is the place for the history of Blitar, such as batik tutur Blitar and panji Blitar.

Moreover, the tourist spot also offer play rides, such as ATV motor ride, airsoftgun, minicross, outbound, playground, and ride jeep around the plantation. The visitors have to pay again to try the play rides except for playground.

For jeep ride, the visitors have to pay 100,000 rupiah for the nearest route and 250,000 rupiah for long route. The visitors will be invited to ride around the coffee plantation by riding Jeep.

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