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Rp 3 Billion Fund to Change Dump Became Garden Flower

The flower garden, named after the Harmony Park, is decorated with 70 types of plants, 38 species of trees and 32 species of shrubs or shrubs

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The Harmony Park 

SURYA.co.id | SURABAYA - The expansion of Green Open Space (RTH) continues to be done by Surabaya City Cleanliness and Gardening Department (DKP) in order to organize the city and improve air quality.

That's why the former Final Disposal Place (TPA) located in Keputih area, Sukolilo East Surabaya area transformed into a flower garden.

A land area of 63 hectares of land, was used as a flower garden area of about 4.5 hectares. That number will continue to be expanded to realize the beautiful green space, pamper the citizens of Surabaya and certainly a cool place of interest to the eye.

The flower garden, named after the Harmony Park, is decorated with 70 types of plants, 38 species of trees and 32 species of shrubs or shrubs. This type of shrub is a real-life plant. From around thirty trees there is a jakaranda, lanterns flowers, queen flowers, nyamplung, canon ball tree, golden penda and fire tree.

"Some types of plants that are rare so we believe the harmony garden will suck the attention of the community," said the head of DKP Surabaya Khalid Buchari when contacted Surya (25/5/15).

Indeed, this green open work has been done since 2012. The initial stage begins when the park is near the terminal development with a budget of Rp 220 million, this development fund comes from the grant of the Ministry of Environment.

Then the next stage of concentration on the construction of the park in the former TPA Keputih Sukolilo. The development of this park received a grant from Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Rp 3 billion to create a flower garden area of 4.8 hectares in June 2015.

Meanwhile, APBD that has been issued for the park in Keputih this reached Rp 1.5 billion. "We are targeting this flower garden to be completed by the end of 2015 because now it is still the second stage," added Khalid.

RTH will continue to be developed considering Surabaya is so dense vehicles and the population needs green environment. So far total RTH in Surabaya has reached 20, 34 percent, "added Khalid.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini said if this Harmony Park will be a pilot of another flower garden in Surabaya city. "Later the park is filled with overseas plants. There are sakura, Japanese jasmine, white pagoda and many more. This is the first time the park is really conceptualized with flowers, "said Risma.

According to all types of plants will be planted there both locally and abroad, so it is expected to become an international park. This is to prove all the flowers can grow in hot areas like Surabaya. Moreover, the former garbage disposal park is ascertained fully of methane making it suitable for growing media of various flowers.

Translated by Adi JP

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