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Discovering Gili Labak, a Beautiful Island on The East Side of Madura

There is a natural tourism attraction nearby Madura Island. It is Gili Labak which is located in Kabupaten (district) Sumenep, Madura, East Java

Editor: Adrianus Adhi
Pulau wisata Gili Labak 

SURYA.co.id - There is a natural tourism attraction nearby Madura Island. It is Gili Labak which is located in Kabupaten (district) Sumenep, Madura, East Java. It is a long beach which has white sand and clear sea. The visitors who come to Gili Labak would trigger to do snorkeling.

There are several food vendors in the area, but there is no restaurant and hotel yet. The visitors stay overnight in a tent. They just need to spend money for some hundred thousand rupiahs. Pretty cheap, isn’t it?

The access to Gili Labak is pretty easy. Visitors could reach that place for just one day of round trip. The visitors could ride their own car or motorbike or bus from Surabaya Bungurasih bus station.

From Bungurasih, you will pass through Suramadu Bridge then go to Kalianget Sumenep. You just need to spend IDR 50.000 – 70.000 to get to Sumenep. Bungurasih – Sumenep bus departs every hour.

Gili Labak Beach Sumenep

It takes 4 – 5 hours from Surabaya Bungurasih to Sumenep. The bus will arrive in Sumenep at 5 AM. Do not be afraid and worry because the bus will stop nearby the Kalianget harbor which takes you to Gili Labak.

When you arrive at Kalianget harbor, there will be several local operators which offer you Gili Labak package trip. They offer various trips such as one-day tour package and overnight package tour. So, visitors wouldn’t spend much money to rent a motorboat by themselves.

It takes 2 hours to get to Gili Labak from Kalianget harbor by boat. You just need to spend IDR 70.000 for the cheapest round-trip boat and snorkeling equipment rent in one package.

The best time to go to Gili Labak is around 7 AM. Do not forget to have breakfast before. Make sure you bring enough food and drink in your bag for your supply in the island.

When you head to Gili Labak, you will see a view of an island which is often visited by people.

Snorkeling in Gili Labak

Several hours of the trip would be paid with the blue sea scenery, white sand, and coconut trees nearby the beach. When the boat lies at the shore, you can relax and enjoy the scenery around Gili Labak.

There are lots of things that you can do in Gili Labak. If you love underwater adventure, you should try snorkeling in the sea.

The scenery is really amazing. The waves are tranquil enough and safe for the visitors. Photography lovers would be spoiled by its stunning scenery.

There are several food stalls which serve food and beverages. You can drink a fresh coconut water while laying down on the beach.

If you think that you are satisfied enough after fooling around at Gili Labak, you may go back to Kalianget harbor before dawn.

but, if you want to stay a little bit longer to enjoy this island, you need to build a tent. Exploring Gili Labak in a day is enough, isn’t it?

Go pack your thing and take yourself to Gili Labak!

Translated by Shena Fiosa Nofendralova

Source: Tribun Jateng

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