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The Amazing Tebing Bukit Selendang

udheg mount is one of Tulungagung’s natural wealth. Gunung Budheg (671 ft asl) is located in Kecamatan (sub-district) Boyolangu

The Amazing Tebing Bukit Selendang
Budheg Mount 

SURYA.co.id | TULUNGAGUNG - Budheg mount is one of Tulungagung’s natural wealth.  Gunung Budheg (671 ft asl) is located in Kecamatan (sub-district) Boyolangu, Kabupaten (district) Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia.

If you want to go to Budheg mount, you need to go to Perempatan Titik Nol KM (zero point kilometers intersections) direction or also known as Perempatan TT (TT intersection).

After that go straight to the south until Perempatan Tamanan (Tamanan Intersection) and go straight to perempatan pasar burung Beji (Pasar burung Beji intersection).

From perempatan pasar burung, you still need to go straight until traffic light intersection. You need to continue your trip by going straight to the south after the traffic light intersection for 500 meters. You will find a gas station, then you need to turn left to a lane after 50 meters from the gas station.

You just need to go straight until T-Junction, turn right, then go straight for about 200 meters. On the left side, you will see “TEMPAT PARKIR GUNUNG BUDHEG 24 JAM” (24 Hours Gunung Budheg Parking Lot). Put your transportation there.

Climbing Rules & Preparation
After you park your car or motorbike, female climber has to write down their name and hand over her id card to the official in terms of safety and comfort.

After writing down your or your friends’ name and handing over the id card, you will be directed to climbing base camp.

The climbing base camp is where every people who will climb fill in a form, pay IDR 5.000/person for sanitation fee, interview, and election who-to-be the climbing leader.

Climbing Track
After writing down, filling in, and following some regulations, you will face the climbing track which makes your heart beat faster.

The climbing track is barely different with other mount’s climbing track. The climbing track is total climbing without any rest area. From the beginning of climbing, you will keep climb, climb, and climb.

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