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Noko Island Bawean Gresik East Java, 'Heaven of Coral Reefs' in Java

Do you want to see the blue of the sea and beauty of beach scenery in East Java? If you do, Bawean, Gresik is the right answer

Noko Island Bawean Gresik East Java, 'Heaven of Coral Reefs' in Java
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Keindahan Pulau Gili Noko di Bawean, Kabupaten Gresik 

SURYA.co.id - Do you want to see the blue of the sea and beauty of beach scenery in East Java? If you do, Bawean, Gresik is the right answer. The island which is located in Java Ocean, 80 miles and 120 kilometers north of Gresik provides any kind beauty of nature, especially beach and sea which visitors could find coral reefs.

When visitors step on Bawean, green hills and high seas panorama are ready to spoil your eyes. Bawean or commonly known as Pulau Puteri, because the major of the male who lives there are working overseas, has list of beautiful island. One of them is Noko Island. The inhabitant island has rug of soft white sand, calm sea, and waves. Noko Island is the right place to play with water and sand. 

Visitors need to spend Rp. 350.000,- to get to Noko Island. The 30 minutes trip to Noko Island would take you going through calm sea and clusters of coral.

Sehan, 49 years old, one of people who own boat in Apung Bridge said that traveler who wanted to snorkel or dive could rent the equipment. The equipments normally cost Rp. 35.000,-.

"There are 3 interesting spots to snorkel. We usually offer whether the visitors like to snorkel or play around at the beach" he explained on Thursday (26/10/2017)

Besides playing with sand and water at Noko Island, tourists could also visit Gili Island, a habitant island which is located right next to Pulau Noko.

"but visitors need to wait when the sea recedes at midday. When the sea level rose in the afternoon, the island is separated by sea" he added.

Toni Hamdani, 38 years old, a person who live in Lebak, added that for now the number of visitors on Bawean starts to increase.

"There are many visitors on Saturday and Sunday, especially college students" said Toni who rent his car for tourists.

Sunset at Noko Island 

Besides beautiful beach, clusters of colorful coral reefs, and many kind of sea’s biota; Noko also has stunning sunset view. The color of sun which set in the west reflects orange sheen which fall right at Noko Island. Visitors could enjoy the reflection of the sun which set and color the sea.

Titik, one of the visitors, admitted that Noko island is like a private island because the low number of visitors.

"It is beautiful and not crowded. It feels like Private Island. Unfortunately, there are some trashes. This island will be a lot better and more comfortable if it is clean. The coral reefs are also amazing. Perhaps, this place is coral reefs heaven of East Java." she hoped.

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