Harvesting Orange Direct from the Tree in Open House of Balitjestro Batu City East java

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SURYA.co.id, BATU – Eating orange after harvesting directly from the tree actually has its own sensation. You can feel this sensation in Research Center for citrus and subtropical fruits (Balijestro).

The location is in Tlekung Highway, Tlekung Village, Junrejo Sub-district, Batu City. This place which is Open House every years when citrus harvest come usually invite visitors to join harvesting citrus together.

Not only enjoy the fruit, but the visitor also get education about picking orange such as how to harvest oranges correctly and how to choose oranges that are ready to be picked and eaten. There are two types of orange, which name are tangerine and sweet orange.

One of the visitors is from Sulawesi, Pandri Sulis said that the education about harvesting orange is very innovative. he who came with his family seems very enjoyed harvesting orange and eating it directly. He chose to harvest the orange that in the top of the tree because it is ripe and sweet.

"In order to get a sweet orange, I climb to the tree. it is because the officer said that the more top the more sweet,” he said.

He appreciate because the orange which ready to harvest has their own name of the orange type on each tree. Because Padri like orange in Balitjestro, he went home with more than 20 bags of plastic oranges that he picked.

The visitors just have to pay the entrance for 25 thousand rupiah and they can harvest and eat as they want. Moreover, the visitor can bring home 2 kilograms of oranges. if they take more, for one kilograms they get charge 10 thousand rupiah.

Baiq Dina Mariana, as a researcher in Balitjestro, said that the orange harvest is for a research of new citrus varieties. In addition for educating visitors, it is also for educating farmers.

"Because our job here is to produce new citrus varieties, so all here is orange result of new kind of varieties and this research has been tested," Dina said.

She mention the type of oranges such as tangerine has their variety like Monita Agrihorti tangerine, tangerine 55, Topazindo Agrihorti, and many others. So far, there have been many types of oranges produced from research and then it will be marketed.

"Approximately 200 types are produced," she added.

She said that there are three hectares will be provided for visitors who join the Open House.

Editor: Adrianus Adhi

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