Giant chess in Alun-alun Merdeka Malang City

TAMAN CATUR - Petugas dari Dinas Kebersihan dan Pertamanan (DKP) Kota Malang menata pion wahana baru Taman Catur di Alun-alun Merdeka, Kota Malang, Rabu (17/2/2016). Wahana baru ini rencananya akan dipenuhi satu set pion catur untuk mempercantik kawasan Alun-alun Merdeka Kota Malang. - SURYA/HAYU YUDHA PRABOWO

 SURYAMALANG.COM, KLOJEN – Do not be surprised if you see a chessboard with a size of 5x5 meters in Alun-alun Merdeka Malang City.

The boards that existed since Wednesday (17/2) in that morning is not just a decoration but it can be played by visitors.

There are only two pieces on the board, Queen and Knight. “The others are still in progress,” said the head of Cleaning and Landscaping Malang City Erik Setyo Santoso. 

Erik targets that 32 pawn will have already available in the early of march.

Although the height of pawn is up to half a meter, it still easy to pick up because it is made of fiber glass.

Because the material is not quite heavy, people who want to play will not have trouble moving each pawn.

Because of its unusual size, he is confident that the facility can attract a lot of interest from public.

The existence of a giant chessboard is expected to fulfill the facilities for adults as most facilities are limited for children.

Adult facilities in alun-alun are currently limited for sports equipment only.

Beside giant chest, photobooth with picture of angel wings are also in alun-alun and some pedestrian.

Translated by Avicenna Abdul Azis


Editor: Adrianus Adhi

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