Discovering The Alluring Jagir Waterfall in Banyuwangi East Java

Jagir Waterfall - Tribun Jogja/Rendika F

SURYA.co.id | BANYUWANGi - Banyuwangi is famous for its natural beauties and one of them is Jagir Waterfall. It is located in Dusun Kampung Anyar, Desa Taman Suruh, Kecamatan Glagah, Kabupaten Banyuwangi.

In this place, the visitors could see the incredible yet alluring panorama from the waterfall itself and the surrounding.

Jagir Waterfall has a unique fact whereas it has three waterfalls in one location that makes people often called it Three in One Waterfall, Triplet Waterfall, Siblings Waterfall, until Angel Waterfall because the water is so clear just like the bathing place of angels.

The water that flows in this waterfall is from the source which is located in above the waterfall. It is Pawon Spring. Pawon is Javanese for the kitchen where food and drink come from.

The flow of the water in this waterfall spread that makes one waterfall could have three flow of water.

The visitors could enjoy the beautiful scenery in Jagir Waterfall while enjoying the freshness of the water directly or taking selfies in this area that has a beautiful background.

The facilities in Jagir Waterfall are quite complete, just like dressing rooms and restrooms. There are various foods and snacks that could be brought back home as souvenirs.

Hari Susanto, one of the visitors from Yogyakarta, said that he had known this travel destination from social media. He also came during his business trip and decided to stop by in Jagir Waterfall.

He said that this waterfall was so beautiful and was possible to be developed more.

“The waterfall is beautiful, but some facilities should be added, such as playground and culinary and souvenir center.”

Editor: Cak Sur

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