Bantengan Art Festival Back to Entertain the Citizens of Mojokerto

Bantengan art which is one of the traditional art of people in Mojokerto - SURYAOnline/Rorry Nurmawati

SURYA.co.id | MOJOKERTO – Bantengan art which is one of the traditional art of people in Mojokerto, began to grow rapidly.

If before this art of culture is only interested by some peoples, now to preserve the Government of Mojokerto held the Festival of Art Bantengan regularly every year.

Located at Kedungmaling Field, Sooko Sub-district, dozens of groups from Banteng artistry as Mojokerto regency present enliven the festival which is held in the framework of 724th Anniversary of Mojokerto Regency. The chosen theme also varies each group, but it can not be separated from the folklore.

Bantengan art at this time, experiencing rapid development in the region of Mojokerto regency, especially Pacet. This is because art is identical to using the head of Banteng believed to be the birthplace area of traditional arts Bantengan.

Chairman of the Communication Forum Bull Mojapahit Mulyadi said, in Mojokerto regency there are 56 groups or traditional arts groups Bantengan. Which is spread in 15 districts such as District Pacet, Trawas Subdistrict and District Jatirejo.

"The most in District Pacet, there have been 22 groups in one district," he said when met SURYA.co.id, Saturday (22/4/2017).

In this art continued Mulyadi, who highlighted was not possessed. But the art that has been combined with Gending Java music and folklore. Hopefully, the meaning implied in it can educate the public.

"The bull itself is symbolized like a small society, in the days of war, the fort is a commoner, the leader is in the small people, the plot is the common people must win," he explained.

This proves that the art of Bantengan grows into traditional Indonesian art that deserves appreciation. The progress and development of this art can not be separated from the participation of the people who always support the art of Bantengan.

Mojokerto government through the Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports as a facilitator always try to give the best to support it.

The growing number of Bantengan art groups in Mojokerto expected to be able to become a creative tourism icon in Mojokerto.

"We really hope, this art can continue to be preserved," he said.

Translated by: Adi JP

Penulis: Rorry Nurwawati
Editor: Cak Sur

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