Stay in the Hotel While Interact Freely with Animals, Visit Baobab Safari Resort in Pasuruan

Menteri Pariwisata Arief Yahya memberi makan jerapah di Baobabs Safari Resort, Kamis (3/8/2017). - surya/galih lintartika

SURYA.co.id - Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism, said that Baobas Safari Resort is expected to become new tourism destination in Kabupaten Pasuruan.

He told that while attending the The Grand Opening of Baobab Safari Resort Taman Safari Indonesia (II) Prigen, Kabupaten Pasuruan, on Thursday afternoon (3/8/2017).

Yahya told that Pasuruan was only famous with Bromo before. But in 90s, Pasuruan launched other alternative tourism destination, such as TSII that has been completed with Baobabs Resort. 

"The main purpose of this resort, of course, is to increase the amount of international tourist to come to Indonesia, especially Pasuruan," He said.

This hotel has some animals, such as zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and many more. All hotel guests are allowed to interact with these animals. Even, they could give meals the animals.

According to him, in 2017 Ministry of Tourism wanted to develop tourist village. There are around 75.000 villages, but there are only 2.000 tourist villages. The main target of those is to attract more international tourist to come in Indonesia.

He added: “From those 2.000 villages, we will develop those villages more; therefore those villages could make it the society inside those villages more prosperous.”

He also said, in those 2.000 tourist villages, the ministry will build around 100.000 homestays. These homestays will be given from central government to local government.

 “We also want to give training to Kelompok Sadar Wisata (KSW), or groups of tourism activists, in order to make development, especially on the human resources.” He said.

In 2016, Indonesian Tourism could contribute on the development of the growing of national economic. The total gross domestic product is around 11%. The amount of foreign exchange in 2016 is 172 trillion. In 2016, this sector also could make 11.8 million labors to work.

In 2017, the target of international tourist was 15 millions.

He added: "In 2016, the amount of international tourist was only 12 millions. We hope Indonesia tourism will be developed."

Reporter: Galih Lintartika
Translate by Vicensa Naomi

Editor: Adrianus Adhi

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