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Lirik Lagu Pandemic - Dr Creep Feat Mad Handz dan Dj Madhandz, Viral di TikTok

Lirik Lagu Pandemic - Dr Creep Feat Mad Handz dan Dj Madhandz. Sedang viral di TikTok.

Penulis: Alif Nur Fitri Pratiwi | Editor: Iksan Fauzi
Lirik Lagu Pandemic - Dr Creep Feat Mad Handz dan Dj Madhandz 

SURYA.CO.ID - Berikut lirik lagu Dr Creep Pandemic yang sedang viral di TikTok

Lagu Pandemic - Dr Creep feat Mad Handz dan Dj Madhandz menceritakan bumi yang sedang diterpa virus mematikan.

Berikut lirik lagu Pandemic - Dr Creep feat Mad Handz dan Dj Madhandz selengkapnya.

“They always start with a kind of storm, you know, a powerful storm. And there's always this dark, thick rain, like fresh motor oil…The storm started and something happened. His face, his eyes were different”

“By the time they tried to evacuate the city it was already too late. The infection is everywhere”


The Virus is harvesting
What do you mean H7N3?
Begin life in a lab in the first war of vaccines
Million die in the first week in the pandemic dreams
Reality, black death, smallpox, mutated disease
Flu-shot propaganda for all population and troops
Avoid the plague, it might have seeped into the room
It's now airborne with firestorm
Signal our doom
The dead returns with a pissed off zombie mood
The sprinkler system equipped with AuAg
Where they round up survivors? In a cold facility
Watch the process of terror from the hill near the stream
I remain in a gasmask
I still filter my water clean
This isn't past tense or the plague of Athens
Couldn't be eradicated like smallpox in action
Avian influenza in the jetstream is how it happens
2020 combined with Coronavirus, bodies stacking  

“The world is now at the start of the influenza pandemic”
“The State is rioting, using the street outside. It’s coming to your windows”
“Sequence the virus and determine its origin”
“It was a virus”
“Something in the blood”
“A virus which should be engineered at a genetic level to be helpful rather than harmful”


“This is sick like disease and can't be cured”
“Few that remain that became stained with the bloodshed”
“When the smoke screen fades”
“Death disease”
“You feel a burning sensation”
“Nothing remains”


You have to act fast
Grab your gas mask
Bad disaster has passed
Anarchy, cataclysm
Stand guard please
Blast your big guns
Havoc's begun
Viral outbreak
Tragic things done
Crowds renounce faith
Atrocious horror witnessed
Broke the hopes of optimistic
Scope is post-apocalyptic
Lone is harsh and vicious, gross and darker
Throwing darts blow apart the wicked
Foes know I'm sadistic
Cold, my aura is sick
Soldiers start resistance
Enemy troops in NBC suits
We shoot, then we regroup
Conquer weak with armed fleet
Bomb the streets with Dr. Creep

“The scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic have been met”
“You need a doctor to tell you that”
“This virus is human”
“Radio stopped broadcasting. There were reports of infection in Paris and New York”
“The army blockades were overrun”
“What scientists know about this newer strain…”
“Decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert”


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