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River Tubing Make Payangan Beach Jember Complete

River tubing completed Payangan beach atmosphere. Payangan beach is located in Jember, East Java.

River Tubing Make Payangan Beach Jember Complete
Payangan Beach in East Java 

SURYA.co.id - River tubing completed Payangan beach atmosphere. Payangan beach is located in Jember, East Java

"River tubing is a new ride in Payangan beach. It is developed by a group of local fishermen on famine season" said Abdul Rahman, a member of the local fishermen, on Sunday (29/2/2016)

The river tubing takes place at Mayang river stream. According to Abdul, river tubing in Payangan Beach was different with another river tubing.

The difference is that Payangan’s river tubing takes place at the estuary, then it is pulled by fishermen’s boat. 

"The tube is pulled by a machined boat. The tourists could request the speed of the tube is pulled,"he said.

Abdul said that there was a group of fishermen who asked the tourists to preserve the nature by planting mangrove on the river estuary after the visitors had done with their river tubing.

"I wish local fisherman’s economic and financial condition would improve as the existence of the river tubing,"he hoped.

After tubing around the estuary, the tourists will see a nice view of the mangrove and beach.

"The river tubing costs IDR 20.000 per person. The tourists could enjoy river tubing from the estuary to the shore," he said.

Anisa, a tourist, said that she was satisfied with the river tubing. She could enjoy the moment while seeing Love bay and hill in Payangan beach.

"River tubing at the estuary is very excited. Indeed, it is different with rafting in the river stream, but we (me and my friend) enjoy it so much," she said.

Payangan beach is one of tourist attraction that has not managed by the government. Nevertheless, this place is one of the tourists’ favorite places to go.

The beauty of Payangan Beach is quite unique because it has 4 coastlines, 3 hills, and an island which make the scenery of the beach become prettier and fascinating.

Translated by Shena Fiosa Nofendralova


Editor: Adrianus Adhi
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