No Need to Go to Bali for Banana Boat, Madiun Even Have Better One

Banana boat yang menjadi andalan wisata air di Waduk Bening, Kabupaten Madiun. - surya/rahadian bagus priambodo

SURYA.co.id | Madiun - Kabupaten Madiun does not only have mountain to become tourism destination. It also has aquatic tourism.

One of the aquatic tourism destinations in Kabupaten Madiun is Bening Dam. It is located in Kecamatan Saradan. It is about 50 km from Kota Madiun.

Coordinator of tourism in Bening Dam, Priyanto told that this attraction’s width is around 5,7 km. This attraction was officially opened in 2002.

There are a lot of adrenaline rides. One of them is banana boat. The ticket is also very cheap. It is only IDR10.000. The visitors could feel the breeze and scenery in Bening Dam.

"If you want aquatic rides, there is banana boat. You could pay IDR50.000 and it is for five people. And you will get three laps." Said Priyanto, Wednesday (18/10). But if you are not brave enough to try banana boat, you could also try the boat. You could pay IDR8.000 per person to sail around the dam. For fishing mania, Bening Dam is also a perfect place for you. It is even one of fishing mania’s favorite places. "For fishing, it is free. You could only pay the entrance ticket. It is IDR 5.100. Moreover, it includes insurance. For children, the entrance ticket is IDR2.500."

In Bening Dam area, there is also a park for relaxation. In the park, there is also ride for children, called Flying Fox. The visitors also could give the deers some meals or see the peacocks. "If you are hungry, there are many food vendors around here." Priyanto said.

Priyanto also added that it is best to come on morning or in the afternoon because those time are the best to look around the enormous 6.000 m dam with Pandan Mountain as background.

Wiwit Prasetyo, one of the visitors in the Bening Dam, told that the ambiance in this place is very cozy but this place is quite far. "Excellent, there are various rides, especially the most fun is absolutely the banana boat. It is absolutely my favorite, even though this place quite far," he said.

(SURYA/Vicensa Naomi)

Editor: Adrianus Adhi

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