New Instagramable Destination in Mojokerto, The Rainbow Hill for Anthophile and Everyone

Bukit Pelangi di Mojokerto - surya/rorry nurmawati

SURYA.co.id | Mojokerto - There is a new destination for any anthophile, flower enthusiast, in Indonesia and even for international tourists.

This place is also very fit for people who search ‘instagramable’ place It is called Rainbow Hill or Bukit Pelangi in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesian.

This place is located in Jembul Village. To reach this beautiful yet fantastic place, tourists could drive for about 31 km from Mojokerto’s downtown. It is quite far, but the beautiful scenery will never be boring in the middle of  the trip.

Forest, paddy field, cliff, and even stream will absolutely never make you feel bored. Moreover, all hardship because of the distance to reach Rainbow Hill will be constantly gone when you see the beautiful scenery.

Many years ago, local resident actually called Rainbow Hill with Bukit Selendang or Shawl Hill. After that, they decided to plant various flowers and other decorative plants in that hill. In order to reserve to nature of the hill, local resident decided to make the footpaths as natural as possible, even though those are quite steep. Futhermore, those footpaths make the scenery become complete.

This place is also provide some spots to take picture. The management also provide some tools to support your selfies, such as butterflies, bird wings, love frame, and bamboo frame.

The management also makes all the frame to have background of the paddy field and the cliff. But do not worry, if you do not want to take picture in the provided spots, you could take picture in any spots you like but remember to be very careful not to damage any flowers plants in that place.

Other facilities that provided there are also quite complete. The first one is gazebos. There are gazebos for family and small gazebos. The second facility is tree house. This facility is a-must-come-course. Lastly, there is cafetaria, so tourists could easily look for meals. Moreover, tourists could have lunch or dinner with superb scenery.

Even Jembul Village does not only have Rainbow Hill. It has other beautiful attractions, such as Kabejan Waterfall and swimming pool in the hill.

 “I do not expect that this village is very well-managed. It provide and sell what it has. This village is very beautiful, even though it is quite far. But the beauty of Rainbow Hill pays all hardship. The swimming pool is also attractive. This place is very complete,”Novi Irawati said, a tourist, on Sunday (7/1/2018).

Editor: Adrianus Adhi

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