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Paper Umbrella Village in Malang City East Java

The historian Dwi Cahyono give an explanation of umbrella history. Dwi said that umbrella is one of the Javanese greatness symbols

Paper Umbrella Village in Malang City East Java
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The activity of Kampung Payung in Pandangwangi urban village, Blimbing sub-district, Malang city 

SURYA.co.id | MALANG - Miss Siti Hamidah sat and stretched out her leg under the tent with a vinyl paper pad. The woman with veil seems to be eager as she bowed.

She concentrated with umbrella frame on her lap. Slowly, her hand was assembling the umbrella frame which is made from bamboo and sengon wood. Siti was making the frame of paper umbrella so there is just some bamboo and wood in front of her.

Siti is not alone. Beside her, there is Miss Rusmiati, the second daughter from mbah Rasimun, and two others women. Four women in one group are keen to make the frame of paper umbrella. Siti’s group is one of several group of workshop participants making paper umbrellas in Lokpadas, Pandanwangi Urban Village, Blimbing Sub-district Malang city.

The courtyard of hamlet 14 become the workshop center of paper umbrella. The first workshop was participated by 150 participants from urban village of PandanWangi. The participants mostly from Lokpadas neighborhood start from housewife till teenager and children.

Lokpadas itself is dense hamlet in riverside of Sari (Kali Sari) Laksa Adi Sucipto Street Taruna lane III Pandanwangi urban village. There also mbah rasimun lived in. she is the maestro of paper umbrella. Mbah rasimun is the only one citizen in Lokpadas that still keep and take care of making paper umbrella.

"Considering in the past, Lokpadas was known as the center of paper umbrella but now only mbah rasimun left. So we held this workshop to make paper umbrella to introduce the paper umbrella to the people and the next generation to make this kind of umbrella," Dimyati said, PR of Kampung Payung.

If there is generation, so it is not just only Mbah Rasimun and her family who make paper umbrella. Moreover, the citizens of Lokpadas have been processing to brand their village as Kampung Payung. The existence of Kampung Payung was launched together with this workshop. Vice mayor of Malang City Sutiaji lead the launching of the Kampung Payung.

"We want to become thematic village with Kampung Payung. If the village have the skill to make paper umbrella, so we believe that we can help the economy of the village and make our village become tourism spot,” said Dimyati.

To reach that, Kampung Payung along with the community held that workshop. Siti and others people are enthusiastic following the workshop.

"I want to be able to make paper umbrella, so it is not only mbah Mun who can do it. Actually it is hard and must be careful. The most difficult is when entering the frame to the between the bars of the umbrella,” said Siti.

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