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Sidem Cave, Tourism Spot in Tulungagung East Java

The stuffy air can be felt when entering Sidem cave in tourism spot area Besole Village, Besuki district, Tulungagung, East Java.

Sidem Cave, Tourism Spot in Tulungagung East Java
surya/mohammad romadoni
Kondisi wisata Gua Sidem di kawasan pesisir pantai Desa Besole, Kecamatan Besuki, Kabupaten Tulungagung. 

However three of them Darma Gusta along with his two friends Dwi Candra Saputra and Asep Syaiful encourage their selves and start entering inside the cave.

The three teenagers of junior high school amazed looking the entire space inside Sidem cave.

They also had time to take that moment for taking a photo together with cave wall background.

In spite of that, not take much time the three of them go out and running while slapping their legs and cheek.

It turns out that they cannot stand long time inside the cave because so many mosquitos in there.

Well, in seaside region at Tulungagung have so many tourism spot which is should be visited.

However it is so unfortunate that some of that spot is not maintained well and left abandoned.

Source: Gua Sidem Tulungaung, Destinasi Wisata yang Tak Banyak Dikunjungi Karena Ini. . .

Translated by: Avicenna Abdul Azis

Editor: Adrianus Adhi
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