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VIDEO - Batu Flower Garden, From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Batu Flower Garden is one of the new attractions in Kota Batu that is loved by many visitors

SURYA.co.id | BATU - The weather was cloudy but it did not stop the activity of the tourist in Batu Flower Garden, Coban Rais, Desa Oro-Oro Ombo. Once in a while, there are fogs in this area.

This area is called Batu Flower Garden. Batu Flower Garden is one of the new attractions in Kota Batu that is loved by many visitors.

Actually, this attraction was opened officially on 10 December 2016, and it has attracted so many visitors. Usually, there are 200 to 300 visitors in a day.

On weekend, the visitors could be 500 visitors. Moreover, there are 800-1.000 visitors in a day during high season.

“It had no choice to not open because, after three days of construction, there were many visitors. We were confused.” Zaenal A. Budihartoko, an initiator for Batu Flower Garden Coban Rais.

Batu Flower Garden was constructed in the area owned by Perhutani (Indonesia State Forestry). It is approximately in the downhill of Mount Panderman at the height of 1.100-1.200 meters above sea level.

Actually, this attraction only had a waterfall named Coban Rais and a camping ground. Unfortunately, there were not many people interested at that time.

To reach the waterfall, the visitors had to walk around 3 kilometers to reach there.

Until there was an initiative to add other facilities, Batu Flower Garden. The location is between the entrance and Coban Rais Waterfall.

The visitors have to walk around 750 meters to reach this romantic attraction.

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