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Mount Banyak with Breathtaking Paragliding Spot

This beautiful nature and scenery that make paragliding in Mount Banyak as 4-stars-hot-place. In Indonesia, there are not so many...

Mount Banyak with Breathtaking Paragliding Spot
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East Java paragliding athletes practicing in Mount Banyak 

SURYA.co.id | BATU - “It is really exciting during the fly,” Anan Supriadi, a tourist from Bontang, East Borneo, said after landed in an empty field in Kelurahan Songgokerto, Batu, East Java. This was his first time flying using paragliding.

At first, before hanging in the rope parachute rope that uses tandemly, Supriadi felt a little scared. Well, it was not possible to feel scared because he flew from the top of Mount Banyak with height 1.325 meters above sea level. On the other hand, 300 meters below there is a field with Kota Batu as the background.

After all, equipment was ready, he with the pilot had to wait for a moment until the wind condition is appropriate to fly. The process of taking off had to be repeated because of the strong wind that makes it became more thrilling.

“Nevertheless, as soon as I flew, my scared was gone,” he said.

More than 10 minutes flying, there was much scenery that he looked. He looked some agricultural field, Kota Batu, and Kota Malang. He also looked Mount Panderman in the south and full of pines Mount Welirang in the north side. If the weather is good, they also could see the top of Mount Semeru from afar.

The most complete
This beautiful nature and scenery that make paragliding in Mount Banyak as 4-stars-hot-place. In Indonesia, there are not so many paragliding spots that provide the similar panorama.

One of the 11 master tandems told that in Palu, Central Celebes, there is a paragliding spot that has even higher take-off spot, but still, the view is only city view.

“This place provides a complete package. The panorama is alluring. The access is pretty easy. The supporting facilities are considered as complete, including the accommodation and public transportation, ” he said,

Another point that also important is the wind. The wind in the mountainous area between Kota Batu and Kabupaten Malang is generally constant.

That is why there was an athlete that broke a record and flew for 4 hours 10 minutes. Mount Banyak could be a central place for paragliding athletes in East Java and more. All East Javan athletes train here. Some paragliding addicts from overseas also came here. For example, they came from Germany, and some Europe’s country to feel the sensation to fly in this area.

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